January 25, 2010

my mikey ♥

I just did a redesign on one of my sweetest and bestie friends of all time! I have mad love for Michael Ann and she just revealed that she's having another BOY! That makes three and I am so excited for her and her cute little family.

So, Mikey's was one of the first blogs I did and every time I looked at it- I cringed!! It was a darker design and the main part that her posts were written on was red! With gold lettering! And, I could barely see what was written. Live and learn.

So, I made her a custom design using simple colors and polka dots. That family picture is awesome and I really wanted it to stand out. Also, I wanted to do a flash header where all 5 headers that I made would slowly flash so you could see them all but I have to get some serious software for that and that is on my list under web design. So, she will have rotating headers. Every time you refresh the page, another header will show up.

Here is the design and here are all the headers I made especially for her!


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