January 20, 2010

where is the love?

I was wondering why I wasn't getting comment love from some of my favorite people! I had lots of comments that needed to be moderated. ha! I totally forgot that I turned that on. SO sorry and thank you so much for all the love that I finally saw today. :)

Stafford Stories

I heart my blog friend Melissa so much! When I first moved to NWA, I knew no one. Not a soul. I don't remember if Melissa found me or the other way around but she was SO nice! This girl loves the Lord and has a heart of gold and I remember thinking, "She's got it all!" But I was way off. She was struggling with infertility and wanted to be a mommy so bad. I read her blog and really felt for her and Chad.

Since she was going through a lot at the time, I decided that she would be my winner for my Inspiration Giveaway. This is where you nominate another blogger who is going through some tough times to get a free blog design by me.

Melissa was so appreciative and easy to work with. Then, the best news ever came- she is expecting a baby boy and he is due in March! She contacted me to share the news on her updated header. I was beyond honored!

Now that she knows it's going to be a little boy, she wanted a simple, clean blog look that matched her nursery. She sent me a picture and I made the papers to match it. Her photos make that design work- beautiful!!

Congratulations, Melissa! You are going to be a wonderful Mommy to Grayson! And, someday, I am going to meet Melissa (and her awesome twin, Amie!) in real life. I can't wait!

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