August 24, 2009

Animal Prints..

Everyone loves animal prints! At least I do. Now I am missing my animal print blog.......*sigh*

Anyways, I have been busy designing blogs with zebra and I am working on a zebra/leopard/hot pink one at the moment that will be quite stunning!!

Here are the two that I did last week:

I heart Ashley! This girl is crazy and I mean that in a good way. She is trendy and fun and I am sure she is the life of the party. She also just had an adorable little girl. Check her out:

This next blog has been put on hold so many times because we were both SO busy! Kerri runs A&C Posh Designs where you can find bows, bling, and baby things. I even saw some little girl shirts and headbands on the A&C blog. Kerri is going to let me do a website for her after I master them from my class!

This is her family blog and it is sparkly and fun. Thanks for being so patient, Kerri!


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