August 22, 2009

Damage Control

Today I was fooling around with my blogger account and I noticed that I still had a gmail account. I signed up for a gmail account so I could keep my private emails on my mac and my sweet cheeky emails separate. I quickly realized that my mac account reminds me when I have emails and my gmail didn't. I had to log into my gmail account and quite frankly, I would forget.

So, after I thought I cancelled it, I had about 15 emails that I had to send out apologies to and explain that I thought I cancelled it. Luckily some of those people still wanted designs.

Fast forward to this morning when someone told me that they had sent me an email back in June, yes, JUNE, and had not received a reply! So I checked- and sure enough, I had a WHOLE lot of emails from June, July, and August from people wanting designs.

Now, I know that I have been busy, but I have NEVER been too busy to email someone back. I am SO extremely sorry to those people who feel neglected by me. I have emailed you back today and if you still need me, wonderful! and if you don't and have found someone else, I completely understand!!

I have NO idea how people are getting that email address either. Both of my contact buttons have the correct email. hmmmm.....blogger!

Well, the gmail account is FINALLY cancelled and hopefully when you email me, I will get back to you in 25 hours. If not, I have made an unintentional mistake and I am so sorry!

Again, I apologize!!

My email address is :)

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