August 25, 2009

I ♥ Kami's Blog!!

I have a crush on Kami's newly designed blog. Mostly because her brother in law drew an illustration of her and it is phenomenal! I colored it in and Kami picked the kit and fonts for the logo- so it was a true collaboration. I have used this kit before with Legally Blonde's Proceedings but this time I used a lot of the black in the kit and threw in some zebra print to go with the leopard print.

I really love the look of her blog and hope that she gets lots of business. She makes some cute bags and baby bedding and is starting to plan parties. Good luck, Kami!

Kami was one of my Giveaway Winners!! My other giveaway winner was Brooke. I finished her blog a while back but wanted to showcase them together. Brooke wanted the Damask and Dots kit which I have officially retired because I have done it so much that I don't think I can come up with another look for it!

Brooke only wanted a header, layout and background. She knew exactly what she didn't want which were side buttons and pictures in the header. She changes it around a lot herself and I love that about her! I really enjoy working with people like Brooke who know just what they want and let me know right up front! :)

Plus, Hunter is a-dorable!!


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