April 15, 2009

Legally Blonde's Proceedings

So, I got a little treat this week! I got to redesign Kara and Lola's blog! Kara contacted me about a redesign and I quickly came to find out that she lives in my hometown. Oh, how I miss McKinney, Texas. It's the greatest city in the world next to the one we live in now. 

Anyway, Kara is an attorney there with the cutest dog you ever did see! She found a character that looked just like her dog, Lola but we had trouble finding a character that looked like Kara. It seems that there are NO characters with curly blonde hair! What is going on that someone overlooked curly blonde hair? Well, we regrouped and came up with a plan to use the Bliss design which is oh, so sassy and had a ton of trendy papers to choose from! 

I am so glad that I got to work with Kara. I read her blog and saw that we had a lot of the same likes and dislikes- too funny! I love her sense of humor and funny wit! She is quite a character- just not one on istockphoto...........

Click the image to go to her blog. More to come since I am quite the busy bee this week. Two blogs down! Too bad that one of them is for my friend without a computer for more than a week so she can't see the awesomeness that is her new blog! 

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