April 12, 2009

My Bad! New Policy.....

Uh, yeah. I messed up just a little tiny teeny bit. Luckily, Autum forgave me.

Autum wanted a redesign for her blog and picked a kit- Compassion at The Shabby Shoppe. In an effort to speed things up, I have been designing the blog, sending the invoice, collecting payment, and then purchasing the Commercial Fee License and sending a copy to the new blog owner. This time it bit me in the booty.

After getting Autum's blog just right (here's a sneak look) I went in for the purchase of the CFL from The Shabby Shoppe. Within ten minutes, The Shabby Shoppe emailed me back and let me know (they are always SO nice) that the Compassion Kit could not be used for any blog. It seems that the kit was a benefit kit for Hurricane Katrina victims and they had decided that it would only be for personal use. They had also raised close to $5000 which was awesome and there was no way that I could complain about that!

                                                                     ~Take 1 Blog~

                                                ~Awesome Compassion Kit~

So Autum understood and picked another kit on Friday night. I think I came up with a great design overall for her and her family and am so relieved that she loved it! Thanks for understanding Autum- you were so awesome to work with! This girl even knew the fonts she wanted! I like that very much in a customer!! :)

                                                                  ~The Blog~

So, it may take a tad longer in the beginning but I am always going to get the commercial license fee up front and will still enforce the $25 deposit fee- which is taken out of the cost of the blog!

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