January 28, 2009

Giving Back & Nominate Someone

Each month I try to pick someone who I really admire or that has done something to catch my eye and do a courtesy blog for them. This month, I chose my blogger friend, Leigh Ann from Horton Happenings. I met Leigh Ann through another blogger friend and I have to say that we clicked instantly! This girl is da bomb! Do people still say that?

Leigh Ann is a mother of two and is a military wife. Her husband, Derek, spent 15 months in Iraq as a helicopter pilot, flying Medevac missions in a Blackhawk. I can't imagine my husband being gone from our family. It takes a strong woman to endure that lifestyle and I admire her greatly for that. 

Leigh Ann and I have something else in common. Her son has been diagnosed with Autism. Evan is the cutest, smartest little boy I have had the pleasure of reading about. He reminds me of my Riley in so many ways. Leigh Ann has lifted me up with her kind words several times throughout the year. 

Last July, Leigh Ann prepared a speech and spoke at the Capital about how ABA should be offered to all kids with Autism. At the end of her speech, she closed with these words that give me chills and make me want to hug her.

"In closing, I want to mention I have two heroes in my life. One fought for freedom for our country and one fights for freedom from Autism every day."

I was really proud to be able to give something to this extremely giving and courageous friend. You are an inspiration to a lot of people everyday, Leigh Ann. I hope to finally meet you some day and hug you- one autism mom to another.

If you have a friend or blogger friend that you think deserves a redesign, let me know and I will consider them for my February courtesy blog. I would love to know why you are nominating them.  

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