January 21, 2009

ACU In Latin America- Que Bueno!

I had the privileged honor to work with Abilene Christian University and their Study Abroad program. Corey P. contacted me about doing a blog for two students who are in Latin America this semester. I was beyond thrilled to embark upon this awesome opportunity and help them out with an extra sweet blog rather than the ordinary ones that blogger supplies us with. No offense, Blogger! :)

The girls are adorable and look like they are having so much fun! Here is the blog that the girls labeled Lista Para Asombrar (Ready To Amaze) that I put together for them. Of course, we had to incorporate purple in there for those ACU fans. (I'm dying not to mention the fact that I went to Harding and it's a great school, too!) 

Here's to every one of my friends that attended ACU- and there are ALOT of them!! Also, thanks to Honey for giving Corey P. my name. I owe you a steak dinner, girl!!

Check it out:


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