December 9, 2008

Contest Winner Blog!!

I just uploaded my contest winner- Chelle's new blog tonight. She is the Creative Momma with an awesome blog full of creative ideas and I have to say- I LOVE IT!! She picked Bella from The Shabby Shoppe, which is what my blog is- and she loved all the things that I didn't use so they don't look alike at all. Who knows- after Christmas, my blog will probably look totally different- again! I can't help it- it's a sickness- I LOVE change!!

I really enjoyed working with Chelle. She was excited about the blog and loved everything that I did. She is also expecting and going through a rough time with nausea so give her some love! :)

Thanks to all those who entered the contest! I got so much love from that contest- I really want to do another one soon!!!!

This is the new design that I am rocking. You really have to click on the header to see the whole thing put together. I did one for Life's A Hoot and this is just the second one that I have done. I love experimenting and if you have an "out of the box" idea for me, just let me know! 

I am having so much fun building my portfolio. It's hard to believe that I just started doing this just 5 short months ago. My next step is creating websites for small businesses. I don't know if I am ready for all the busyness that goes with all this but for right now- I feel blessed! Thank you to all that support me! :)

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