December 7, 2008

Christmas Cards

This weekend, I spent time with my family and didn't get on the computer to work ONCE!! I know that my family is getting tired of seeing only my eyes behind that white laptop while I am barely paying attention to them. When I went home the week before Thanksgiving, my mom had to yell at me, "Traci- stay off of the computer for one hour so that we can talk to you!" I did- but I was thinking about all the things I could be doing on the computer. Sad, sad, sad. For the record, I spent LOTS of shopping time and hanging out time with them. It was mostly at night and in the morning that I worked! :)

So, when I got on the computer Sunday, I had an email from my friend, Whitney- she's the one with the blog that EVERYONE loves- and she wanted me to do some custom Christmas Cards for her of her adorable family. So I did work today on them and they turned out really cute! How could they not with her son's sweet face staring up at me. He is such a cutie!!

I have done some cards for people and I will do them if you hurry and order before December 15! They are $25 for the design. I then email them to you and you can upload them to a place of your choice to have them printed. I did it at Sam's Club and they were cheap and turned out great!

Oh, and FYI- I do NOT have templates. I make custom blogs, cards, etc. I just think a personal touch is always best, ya know?

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