November 17, 2008

Tales of the Zookeeper

I had the esteemed privilege to get to redesign one of the most respected of all bloggers! Tales From The Zookeeper is a family that started blogging first in our church group. They have been consistently blogging for over three and a half years and have many followers and fans. Kristen is a trend setter and one of the sweetest and most creative girls that you will ever meet. Her two boys are adorable and she is going to be adding a third boy to their family this spring. 

I love what she picked out for her blog and once I designed it, her sweet husband took the code and placed it in their blog himself so I was able to rest a little easier. She wanted the header and main space a little bit larger and I think it looks great! This is one of those blogs where I know that she will take good care of my design and blog many exciting times to come!

Check out her cute site today. You will be reading for hours........


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