November 15, 2008

Honey's House

I had the great pleasure of working on one of my close friends' blog this week. Stephanie, call her Honey, is currently living in London with her family and wanted a blog to reflect their London Life. She knew what she wanted and we worked great together. Her blog reflects her- funky and fresh! She definitely wasn't afraid to add color and style and we came up with a great blog for her to show off all her family's travels and adventures. Check out the adorable princess and dashing prince on her sidebar. I also love the crown signature. It shows exactly who is in charge there in London! 

Thank you, Stephanie, for letting me create a London blog just for you! I miss you so much but know that y'all are having a blast and will be home very soon!

 FYI- when they return home later this year Stephanie is one of the most talented seamstresses I know. She embroiders monograms and names and such on just about anything you can imagine.  She has a website and when she is back and ready, I'll post it here.

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