September 9, 2008

New Blog For Contest Winner

After being out of town with NO internet capability, I finally emerged this week to find that almost everyone on my waiting list is now ready for their blog. YEA!! I will get to each of you in a timely manner and am still taking orders for the 10% off. Don't let that sweet deal slip you by. Think about all of the holidays coming up and all those cute pictures that you want to show off on your sweet cheeky design.

I did take time out to start and finish Heather, the lucky contest winner's blog, and it is really cute. I LOVE the kit that she picked out. I haven't seen any brown with pink and blue until she happened across this one. And, she was so great to work with. I had so much fun putting pictures of her cute little boy on her blog. 

The best part is that her husband is a photographer, thus the adorable pics. Visit them at STUDIO BLUE. Also, Heather is making some pretty great things at SEW CUTE GIFTS. I just received the cutest little niece and I know she will look WAY cute in one of her little princess tees.

Click on the header to go to Stepp By Stepp...........everytime I write it, I get that song from the tv show stuck in my head! :)


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