February 25, 2010

whimsy blog

Adele Sciortino is a figurative artist and has some really interesting pieces. She already has a website but wanted a whimsy blog, so I did my take on a whimsy design. She told me that she wanted purple, green and hot pink and this is what I imagined from those colors + whimsy. She was very easy to work with and so excited about her design. I dig that very much!!

I do have to talk about E-checks since it has happened a couple of times. PayPal gives you this option and it's lovely, but I have to wait until the e-check clears through PayPal which sometimes takes 5-10 days. So, unfortunately, Adele had to wait about a week before I could put the design on her blog. She was very understanding and patient- thank you, Adele!

I just want to reiterate that this is one of those rules that I am forced to enforce if you chose to use the e-check option.

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