November 5, 2009

out of office reply + macbook = hot mess!

So this was my facebook status the other day when I messed up BIG time!! Alot of you got a dozen emails from me saying that I was unavailable. In the head, maybe!! So sorry for all the junk mail!! It sent one or five to everyone that has contacted me in the past 4 months. It sent so many, that I was locked out of email for the rest of the day. I seriously felt lost :(

Since I am going on vacay, I wanted to set up an out of office reply so that people would know that I wasn't avoiding them and I would get back to them. I usually twitter it or put it on the blog here but you would be amazed how people just don't read the blog. Am I that boring?

So anyway, if you have a mac and know how to set up and out of office reply, PLEASE let me know!! This is the one time that I wished I had a pc. Also, here is a tip! When you google something, some people really don't know what they are talking about!

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