November 2, 2009

Beautiful Blog Design Feature!

When Amanda from Beautiful Blog Designs contacted me this weekend to tell me that she was going to feature one of my designs on her site, I was SO ecstatic!! I look at her features every Monday (I love every one of them, too!) and just dream about being featured. Well, my dream has come true! And I owe it all to Karyn at French Charming!!

Working with Karyn was amazing! First of all, she had no clue about what she wanted her blog to look like. Then, when I showed her some samples of what I thought French Charming could be, she immediately became involved and spear-headed this design. Of course, I was trying to make it more bold, but she wanted simple, clean, but sassy and she and I together created her blog design. So, congratulations, Karyn. So many people love your design but your blog speaks volumes! You had me hooked from the first post. You are always at the top of my blog list with your creative voice and interesting take on things.

If you are looking for a blog design, Amanda has a list of great designers who are all creatively different and spectacular in their own style. Plus, she features giveaways! Not too shabby!

Check it out: HERE

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