September 27, 2009

Busy Week

WOW! I cannot believe that I survived this week! I subbed two days, took care of a sick kid for 2 days, made it to only my Photoshop class on Friday, AND made a blog and weblog for Polly at Make Mine Beautiful.

The weblog/blog is beautiful but they take a lot of work to get them going. Kinda like a website- only I don't charge website fees. Nonetheless- they take a lot of time and dedication and I almost need to set aside a whole week to do them.

Polly's blog and weblog came out very nice and we are still working on it as I type this. She has a lot of great ideas and is going to put her whole heart and soul into this business. I am so thankful that she chose me to do her design.

So, what does that mean for you fabulous people still left on my waiting list? It means that I only have blogs left to do and I am hoping to get those done for you in the next couple of weeks! All of them! My goal is to have everyone finished before the third week in November when hubby and I go to Mexico for our 10 year Anniversary!! Ole!

Thank you for being so patient and I promise that I will give you the attention that I give everyone before you which is sometimes why you have to wait, my dears! :)

Next up:
Abby, The Jessica's (Jusika), and Amy O.

Make sure you have your questionnaire in to me, that your designer is approved, and if you want pictures in the header- you have emailed them to me. Thanks so much!

Check out the Make Mine Beautiful weblog and blog:


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