August 26, 2009

My Sweet Niece and Redo's

Well, it's about time that I had some people want to redesign their blog that I did almost a year ago. Keep 'em coming, people! Only, let me get caught up first! ha!

My sweet little niece is going to be ONE years old in a couple of weeks! We can't wait to travel back to Texas and celebrate with her. I am getting so excited to play with her because I hear that she is so much fun these days. I miss you, sweet Charlie!

My brother and sister in law have started using their blog to let us know what Charlie is up to. I felt like they needed a little redesign in honor of Charlie. Look how adorable she is!!

So, since they both blog, I gave them each a signature. Jeff's siggy gets a football and Kyri gets a soccer ball. These two were made in sports heaven!

Next, Karen at Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls really wanted a redesign. I really liked her last blog but I can certainly understand wanting a change! Karen has been so good to me to host giveaways and has given me MANY customers. Plus, she has had a rough time lately with their house troubles. I was glad to give her something to be giddy about again!

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