June 29, 2009

Inspiration Blog

Melissa was my Inspiration for June. I met Melissa (I blog-met her, haven't actually met her) after I noticed that she lived in the same city that we moved to in October. I left a message on her blog and she responded. Ever since, we have been reading each other's blog and I have found out so much about her. For one, she lives near me and another thing that I learned was that Melissa and her husband struggle with infertility. After reading her stories, she really lets her feelings out there and I realized that many people struggle with infertility on a daily basis. Melissa is a strong woman yet is very loving and caring. I believe that she will make an excellent mother some day and she and her husband are definitely on my prayer list.

So, I wanted to give her a beautiful blog since I believe that she is a beautiful person. I offered for her to be my Inspiration for June and what did she do? She went and ordered a blog for her twin sister because she wanted her to have a beautiful blog since she is such a wonderful mother! What a true inspiration! I'm glad that I picked you, Melissa! You have a natural kindness and a big heart! :)

Take a look at Melissa's blog below and stay tuned for her sister, Amie's blog:


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