June 29, 2009

2 Giveaways on Sweet Cheeky's 1st Birthday

10 more days left!!! Yes, that's right! I did my FIRST blog one year ago- last July!! My sweet friend, Alyssa, let me experiment on her blog and the rest is history. I have done a lot of blogs/blogsites this year and I hope it only gets better next year! In honor of my 1st year as a blog designer, I am going to give away TWO blogs to TWO lucky followers and/or commenters. 

Here's how it's gonna go down. I will put all of the followers in a hat and if you commented in the month of June, you get an extra chance to win. Comment on your blog about the giveaway and email it to me and you get another chance to win. I'm not kidding around here, I want people that WANT a new blog design to win! And, if you already have a design you like, you can give it to someone in need.

So, if you are a follower or commenter, be on the lookout because I will be drawing or Random generating or whatever in 10 days! That's July 9! Hope to hear from ya! 

~That's actually 10 days after today. I got so excited, I had to post this early! :)~


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