May 21, 2009

Win a FREE Blog Design!

Every month, I try to do a FREE blog design for someone who is either an inspiration to people around them, someone who is going through a rough patch, or someone who makes me smile, laugh, or chuckle a little at their blog humor! Also if you just astonish me with any wicked talent- I am all over that! If you leave a comment, or you are a follower, I have visited your blog! I love to know who my followers and blog stalkers are.

So, if you are a follower or leave a comment, I will visit your blog and consider you for my Inspiration Giveaway and you will receive a FREE blog design by me!! How sweet is that? There may be times when I may just have to randomly draw a name because you all are so awesome!!

I am looking for June and beyond to just give a Sweet Cheeky Design away. It could be you next!!


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