May 17, 2009

New Links

Browse around the links under "the designs" and in the header. I have tried to make things a little easier for you all to find. Like the layouts and the pricing are together with examples. And, since the questionnaire form was a bit of a nuisance, I went ahead and made the questionnaire so that you can cut and paste it directly in an email, fill it out, then send it to me. I LOVE the correspondence between myself and a customer but it's getting a little difficult to peruse through the many emails that we exchange to find something. I think that this questionnaire will cut out some of the time when I am designing and who doesn't like that?

Another thing that I added was a Cr3zy Design for personal blogs and a Cr3zy Design for Business Blogs. The prices are different because you get a little bit more with a business blog. You can also see the differences between a scrappy blog and a custom blog. All the blogs are custom made, the custom here is using graphics and backgrounds that we find without using a kit from a designer.

I also added Customer Praises back to the blog. I don't know how that got lost because there are some really nice things said on there. You are all wonderful and I am excited to do what I do for you! Hope you can find everything you need! Always email me with questions! I am happy to help you.

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