May 7, 2009


kinda been a little busy. Lovin' that old customers are coming back for new looks and old friends are trusting me with their blogs! ha

I FINALLY got to design a blog for my sweeter than sweet friend, Erica. Erica is one of the most thoughtful girls that I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Our friendship was handpicked by God and I truly believe that He sent her my way. She was friends with my late sister-in-law, Kimberly, and lived one street over from us in Texas. When Kimberly passed away, Erica and her husband Cary were one of the three couples who came to our house following the accident. They welcomed us into their church home and encouraged us and supported us throughout that time.  They have seen us through some sad situations and celebrated good news with us, too. Even though we don't live anywhere near each other now, we still keep in touch and Erica is always there to ask about my kids, family, and offer support and advice when I need it. (which is most of the time!) 

Erica's blog was so darn cute that I never brought up doing a new one for her. I guess every girl needs a change and it was that time, so once she found this kit by Zoe Pearn, there was no turning back. Her girls are so adorably cute but she is going to swap one of those pics out for a family pic really soon. 

I love you, E! Thanks for trusting me with your blog! It looks fab!

Next up, Renee. I think that Renee is the first client that I have ever talked to on the phone. Once we started talking, we just clicked! This is a fun girl that I know that I could let my hair down with and have a blast. Then she let me in on a little secret. She was fighting breast cancer and had just finished chemo and was going to start radiation every day for 7 weeks. What a fighter this girl is!! She also let me read her personal blog and I was blown away at exactly everything that she went through. 

So, Renee wanted to start Sassy Scrappin' because she is a scrapper and a stamper and has lots of cool ideas. Her blog is a wordpress blog but she had a friend plug everything in for her because I still haven't researched wordpress yet! It is at the TOP of my list, though. I'm just so glad that I met Renee. Next, I am going to do her personal blog for my Inspiration blog in May. Stay tuned!!!

I also have been busy redesigning headers from customers. Putting pictures in. Babies are entering the world and some babies are growing up too fast.....such is life! :)


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