April 2, 2009

Recent Designs

I have been so busy celebrating my birthday and spring break that I haven't posted the latest designs I have done for some people.

Jen of Home Life. This girl was so adorable! I LOVED working with her. She was my personal cheerleader and was so complimentary. I love it when someone REALLY loves their blog, y'all. I try to spend alot of time making it just right for you and appreciation is always nice. So, yeah, Jen was one of my fave customers so far!

Next, my sweet friend Amber has been wanting a blog makeover forever ago. Then she had a sweet little girl and I moved- argh! It's been crazy!! I finally got an email from her that she was ready. So I put a little something together for her. She has THE cutest kids! I kept her little boy, Grey and her daughter Ella is adorable. Look at that tutu on her! They are a great family and I miss seeing them!

I do have to get sappy here and say that her son, Grey has a special place in my heart. I kept him while I was finding out that my son (about the same age) had autism. Riley couldn't talk like Grey could or do all the boy things that I was looking so forward to seeing my little boy do. Each day I looked forward to seeing Grey and I feel like he gave me a piece of what Riley couldn't at the time. (The upside-Riley totally gives me that now and is communicating rather well :0)

I just finished Gwenn's blog last night. Gwenn is new to blogging and I love all of her questions! :) She wanted a character and found a background on istockphoto that really worked with the colors she picked. She also has a small business called Brown Bag Em. She can put messages on brown bags for your kids lunch. She has clip art and inspirational messages available to put on the bags. She wanted to start blogging and share gift ideas and I think she will do great!

I am not bombarded with orders this week so if you want a blog design, please contact me immediately! May is going to be a busy month! :)

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