April 7, 2009


If you will notice on the left of my blog, there is a new widget (yes, things on the sides of your blog are called widgets!) and it's from Chic Chick Media. If you are wanting to get your blog out there, I highly suggest that you visit them and read all about it. There is a small fee per month but it is SO worth it! I have only had it for about a week and have gotten lots of business. Of course I still have stalkers that WON'T COMMENT!!! That makes me so sad, people. I LOVE your comments! Am I going to have to give a free blog to a random commenter?? Huh?

Remember to nominate a friend for my Inspiration giveaway. Let me clarify- they don't necessarily have to have had a rough time of it to win. Maybe you know someone who does good deeds and lets Jesus shine through them. Or, maybe you just can't stand to look at your friend's blog anymore because it needs help. OR, maybe you want a free blog and you get your friend to come over here and comment on behalf of you. There are no rules! Even my faithful customers can participate. I love to laugh- throw out a crazy, but clean, joke or riddle! 

I am challenging you to find someone to nominate TODAY!! I can't wait to hear from you! :)

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