November 28, 2008

Contest For November!!!

So, I told you that if you randomly left a comment in November that I would pick someone to have a FREE Blog Redesign! Well, I can't decipher between the people who left a comment and the people who came in from Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls. SO..........

I'm going to have a little contest. We will see who my true fans are! :)

Be the 15th person to correctly answer all 5 questions listed below, and you will be picked for a FREE Blog Redesign by ME!! Just email me the answers! You can click on the email stocking. You can also kiss up to me by leaving a comment or following my blog!!!

 Here we go.....

1. Tell me the name of the blog where the person also has a Mommy Jewelry site called, "Unique Jewelry". Hint: She's 2 cute!
2. Tell me the name of the blog where the person has been blogging for over 3 1/2 years? Hint: Her kids are no wild animals!
3. What is the name of my own personal blog? 
4. What is the name of my niece's blog? Hint: It used to be Waiting For Charlie
5. Who's blog is named after a nickname that her aunt gave her? Hint: Her name is Robin and she has freckles.

I'm pretty sure you can find all these answers if you click on the right places on this blog. I will let you know who the 15th person with all the correct answers is.

Good Luck to all my TRUE fans!!! :)


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