September 1, 2008

Drawing and More Blogs

I had so much fun with the drawing, guys! Thank you so much for entering. I hope I can do at least one more this year. Please email me (the Contact Me button on the side) if you are interested in the 10% discount for entering the drawing. I can only honor that until December 1, 2008, so don't wait! Do it now!! :)

One of the blogs that I recently redesigned was for my sweet new friend, Jennifer. She has two of the cutest little boys and we found things we had in common immediately. Whole Foods forever! Anyways, I made her a blog and she made me a necklace. I LOVE my mommy necklace that she made for me! I have gotten so many compliments on it! She also made me a scrabble "T" to go on the cord when I want to mix it up. Here is a picture of the necklace, only mine has my kids names on it- I was too lazy to take a picture of it so I took one off her blog! Her website is Unique Jewelry. Check out all her cool designs!

I also redesigned my friend, Liesl's blog. She is one of the sweetest people that I have ever met and has a great story about how she came to be the mother of two precious children. She liked the Carousel Design from The Shabby Shoppe but really wanted blue to be added to her blog. I think it turned out really cute.

The last thing that I worked on this week was my FABULOUS 3 Column Blog!! I hadn't had time to sit down and do one but with Riley not starting school until this week, I had time in the morning to get it together. It's the new Cr3zy layout! I have all the layouts listed on the side under layouts! Just a little somein' showing yalls what I can do! :)

Have a great week!


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