August 12, 2008

Two More

I have been a little busy lately but I am loving it! I have had some of the most interesting people contact me to redesign their blogs.

The first was Robin. She told me a great little story about how she came to be The Spotted Bird. She wanted to update her blog based on a spotted bird and loved all the colors in the kit, Love Me Love Me that we used. I had a lot of fun designing her blog and after I found that polka dot bird, I think everything came together nicely.

The next blog that I had the pleasure of redesigning was for an old friend, Amber. We used to worship together at the same church and her family is so special. She has the most beautiful kids and once I took a look at the pictures that her sister took of them, I knew that I couldn't use many in black and white. Those beautiful blue eyes on both kids were mesmerizing!

Contact me if you want me to redesign your blog. I can get to it fairly quickly even though I have a short waiting list!

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