May 18, 2011

Design 1- check!!

I am FINALLY done with my awesome design class that I took this semester!! It was a doozy but now I know how to create my OWN designs and not have to purchase others' designs. Yea ME!! Now I just need some time to create. Where can I buy some time?

Here is what I did for my final project in Design. I found the graphics and then drew them on my own. So, this is my own drawing on the computer of Mickey vintage to Mickey new. I think I did pretty good and am ready for some more challenges.

Goodnight, me!

EVERYthing I create needs a watermark now. Sweet!

February 27, 2011

unavailable for now :(

I am currently not taking any orders. There are a lot of great blog designers out there and if you email me and let me know what you are looking for, I'm sure that I can point you in the right direction.

January 19, 2011

Sincerely Yours Paper

I received the extraordinary honor of assisting Amy Hannon of Sincerely Yours Paper with her newly designed blog! If you have ever planned a wedding or just love style in the Northwest region of Arkansas, you know exactly who Amy Hannon is. She is the owner of SYP which is a company designing and producing award-winning wedding invitations as well as personalized paper lovelies and goodies for your home.

Feature in Martha Stewart Weddings
Her wedding invitations and paper lovelies have been featured in Martha Stewart's Wedding magazine and she personally knows Preston Bailey!! Preston Bailey, y'all! THE reason for my black magic roses at my wedding back in the 1900's. 99 to be exact but it feels like yesterday!

Black Magic Roses
AND, if you are a Hog fan with any sense of style whatsoever, you probably have one of these babies from SYP to wear to the games. I have one and I seriously wore it EVERY gameday!! They are now available in Signed, Sealed, Delivered, a local boutique/store full of goodies for your home.

Swanky, Soooie Tee
So anyway, when Amy asked me to help her with her blog, I was a little nervous. She has such great style and is a celebrity around here. Well, she quickly put my nerves to ease! She was the nicest, sweetest, person who knows exactly what she wants! You gotta love that about a girl! We both worked really hard at making the blog look awesome and I know that we had a great time talking and giggling on the phone in the process! ha!

So hop on over and check out the loveliness!

November 16, 2010

Sweet Faces and Revamps

Remember this sweet 'lil face?

Well, now she has a brother and there are two sweet 'lil faces!

If I kept your files, it's been less than a year, and you would like a revamp of your current header, email me and let me know. Send me the photos that you would like changed out as well. I charge $25 for a revamped header and can get it to you relatively quick.

October 12, 2010


Yes! I am designing and simplifying your blog if you are a current customer. Feel free to email me and if you don't get a reply within 24 hours, it probably means that I didn't get it for some strange reason and you can always send a follow up email.

I am currently working outside of the home but in my extra time will definitely still design for those who have been so great to me! Thanks to all of you! :)

September 17, 2010

Multiples and More Button Contest

Last week, Multiples and More asked me to design a button for their blog and enter a contest where their readers were going to decide the winner. I thought it would be fun, so I put together a trendy little button for the contest.

So, sometimes I can be a little dense because I thought their readers would be deciding. I didn't think that maybe I needed to let all my readers and faithful customers in on the vote. So, I am calling on you to go vote!! If I have designed something for you or even voted on your child in a contest (lol), go to their blog right now and VOTE!

Love to you all! ♥

August 31, 2010

Define Your Space

This is the next to the last blog off of my lengthy wait list from last spring. Define Your Space creates beautiful products using vinyl lettering. The owner wanted her logo in a frame with swirls and flourishes. She also wanted a black distressed damask background for her blog with pops of red and turquoise throughout. I love the look and couldn't wait to show it off!


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