March 6, 2010

wait list

If you are on my wait list, I am working to get to your blog as quickly as I can. If your turn is up and I am working with you on your design, here are some things that you can do to help get your design quickly and to help me get to others waiting patiently on the list:

1. Please have everything you need in to me by the time your turn is up. I have some clients who will email me when their time gets close and tell me that they need more time- I LOVE THAT!! I will be more than willing to move you down and start work on someone who is anxious to get their blog designed!

2. Please answer all my emails in a timely fashion. If you want to show the testing site to your friend, or hubby, or mother- that's fine. But, I expect some correspondence within 24 hours.

3. If you know that you want your signature in black with a heart beside it in Inspiration font, please state that in the questionnaire. It takes time to go back and redesign images that you knew and could have specified before-hand. Just sayin'! :)

4. Read this awesome post from Amanda at Beautiful Blog designs. I think she puts things into perspective!

5. Finally, please know that I will design something for you that I hope that you will LOVE! I have some of the BEST clients and if I keep in touch with you, it's because YOU were an inspiration to me!! ;)

And lastly, please understand that I am a wife and a mother. I like to take off on holidays such as New Years and Valentine's Day. Also, if you email me on a weekend, I will return said email on Monday if I don't return it immediately. Thanks to all of you for being awesome and a real pleasure to work with!!

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