January 4, 2010

3 more

SO excited to get to design Kelsey's blog. Kelsey was a graduate student working at Early Class when Riley attended a couple of years ago. She wasn't Riley's clinician but I remember her sweet spirit and bubbly attitude. I was really happy when she found me and wanted a design. Look how fun she is from what style she chose. She is a purple leopard girl. Love it!

Kelsey is in the orange shirt and Riley is in the tan pants to the left of her. Didn't think I had proof, did ya Kelsey! :)

Grow is a Christian blog by a repeat customer. She wanted simple and found images from istockphoto.

Melissa designed this blog herself in iweb- a mac application. She also got images from istockphoto and I tried to match her blog to her website. I was disappointed that blogger couldn't do some things that I wanted to make it look exact but we came up with a nice design regardless.

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