December 16, 2009

Changes in 2010

So, here we are in the midst of the Christmas Holidays. How did the time fly by so fast? I had a great year filled with lots of great customers. I learned more Photoshop than I thought was possible and learned to do a website the way I want to do websites. Plus, I got an 'A' in both of my classes! Not too shabby.

One thing that I was blessed with was a lot of wonderful customers! It seemed like the busier I got, the more people wanted on the wait list. I sure got quite a waiting list there for a while. I was overwhelmed, yet humbled by so many of you. And in the end, I hope I made each person happy with their design.

Starting the new year, I am going to be making changes. For all the good people that I was lucky enough to design for, I also got some customers who took advantage of my kindness and made me think about protecting myself by setting limits and upping my prices. What you see is what you are going to get on the new pricing menu. There is a $25 non-returnable deposit fee and if you would like a picture change-out for your header or sides, I will collect the entire fee before I start the design.

I will also be looking into designing websites- I know I have said that before- but I think that this time, I am really ready! I have a couple of people that are already bugging me for one and I love it!

So, lots of changes but still the same 'ole me! I love designing blogs and I love meeting new people! I like being small and customizing each person's blog so that they will love, love, love it!

This weekend, I will update all the "rules" that I have had to make over the past 3 months so that there will be no more gripey posts by me! I hate negative posts!

By the way, Amanda over at Beautiful Blog Designs wrote a great piece on finding a blog designer and what to expect. It is very informative and if you have time, you should read it HERE.

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