November 15, 2009

i can SO do a website now!!!!!

My friend, Renee should know that she is really helping me because I am using her cause and her blog design to make a mock WEBSITE for my web design class. Yes, I just found out that my final project is to design and make a full blown website with a minimum of 10 pages. I already started on the layout so I won't have to do it on my vacation and guess what?
I CAN DO WEBSITE DESIGN NOW!!!!! I totally figured out how to do the kind of websites that would make me happy! Not just boxy, professional, boring websites! I want to do girly, trendy, sassy, saucy websites for those with small businesses! This is my dream and I am beside myself that I can finally do it! Woo-HOO!! Check it out below. I have only done the first page but I am well on my way! Won't be long now! :)


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