September 3, 2009

Spanish Lessons

I was so excited when my high school Spanish teacher and family friend, Mrs. Pack commissioned me to help her out. She wants me to call her by her first name but I just can't! ha!

I have known Mrs. Pack since 3rd grade because her husband and my dad were both football coaches. So the coaches wives and the coaches kids always had a great time together. SO many memories! Anyways, she was the best teacher that I ever had. She made learning Spanish so much fun in the classroom. I always felt good when I went to Spanish class.

In the early 90's I got to go to Costa Rica with her on a summer study trip. I lived with a Costa Rican family that spoke only Spanish so it was a huge challenge for me. The family was so good to me and treated me as their own. I had a blast and I loved every minute of touring a volcano, visiting the beach and swimming near the equator, shopping, and taking in the rich culture.

So, enough about me- Mrs. Pack has recently retired and is offering Spanish lessons to adults and homeschoolers. Only if you live near McKinney, Texas, that is. She originally wanted a website but I talked her into a blog and she was more than happy with it when I got through.

I used bright colors and no tacky images that are sometimes associated with the culture. I also did a cool navigation bar with many options. Not just titles, but sub-titles, too! She named it Teach Them To Speak and she will do just that!

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