July 15, 2009


Actually, I did this blog for Jenafer a while back. She wanted a monkey theme and found this kit herself. She's got two really cute kids and is a little social butterfly, that Jenafer! I just remembered to put her blog in my portfolio because she wanted a button for Friday Frugal Fixes. That may be something to check out........

I just finished Amie's blog and she was so patient and sweet! She has 2 little boys and they are adorable! Her twin sister, Melissa was so sweet to get a blog design for her! She said that she wanted to do it because she is a great mommy. I have no doubts about that at all! Amie picked "You Rock" by Zoe Pearn. There were a lot of colors to this one and I think it turned out really cute!

I may have forgotten to feature another couple of blogs that I have done- if so, email me and I will get right on that!

I have closed my waiting list but if you are a returning customer, you are always welcome! I have also let two other people talk themselves into being added- I am a softy! :)

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