July 28, 2009

Last Week Of Summer..... and Future Plans for me!

Updated Wait List
Side Note: I am always available to existing customers!!

This is the last week of summer and we are busy getting school supplies, school clothes, and getting things ready for the new school year. The kids will start back next Monday, August 3, and I will start back to work next Tuesday, August 4.

I plan on finishing and starting and finishing the following:

Amber K.

Make sure you have your questionnaire in to me and all pictures that you want in the header and/or sides emailed to me so that I don't have to stop mid-way through the designing process and wait for anything. That way I can get your design to you pdq!!

Future Plans:
I plan on opening up my waiting list the second or third week of August and will probably just take people on a case by case basis since I will be working and taking a class or two. I have to have 6 hours to get my teacher's certificate reinstated and then I will probably go back to teaching and do blogs/websites on the side. So, no more SAHM for Traci! I am excited about getting out of the house more!

I have really loved designing blogs and will continue to do so but it will be on my time. More to come on this later! :)

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