June 1, 2009

I'm Back!! & I Apologize.....

Okay, I am back at work and feeling MUCH better! Thank you to MOST of you who understood! :)

Since I was deathly ill last week, I KNOW that I missed some emails and I am truly sorry! Please accept my apologies to you and don't hold that against me. I usually never get sick. Knock on wood! 

I am going to be doing 5 orders this week (and if you have paid your deposit you are definitely moving up on the wait list- SCORE for you!) and then my family and I will be going to Texas for a couple of days so may/may not be available every second for you to catch me! 

Okay, so that's the low-down and I just noticed that I say "Okay" way too much! It is after midnight, tho!

By the way, who is excited about New Moon coming out? 


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