June 2, 2009


I stayed up last night until 3am to learn how to do blinkie buttons for my friend, Deanne, who lives across the pond in Northamptonshire. Deanne was so great to me while I was sick. This is the message that I got one day and it made me snicker! I love a good accent and I could totally hear it in this message. 

"hey, bless you, you get yourself sorted thats the most important :)
Take your time :) xx"

I am going to tell my kids to get themselves "sorted" from now on! ha! I also told her that we were going "on holiday" next week and when she replied she said, "Oh, I thought you were in the states, are you not?" God bless her!

Okay, so anyways, Deanne wanted 3 buttons- 2 that blinked. So, I took on the job because if my customers don't order it, I may not figure out how to do it. It was fairly easy and I think she really likes them. Plus I gave her 3 for the price of 2 because 2 of them were alike except for wording. You see there! I will work WITH you, people! 

Here is the button for her blog because her blog is pink and brown. Oh, and she will come back for a design from me, won't you, Deanne!

The two blinkies go into her crafting forum:


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