January 11, 2009

Even NEWER Look!

I changed my design again. I promise that this is IT, though. I thought my blog should be a little bit more ME and apparently this is it. I have tried to be classic, crisp and simple but I always revert back to colorful, whimsical and girly. What's so wrong with that? 

I just finished a really cute blog for someone who has never blogged before. Heather at The Bunch Bunch picked the Organic kit from The Shabby Shoppe. She was really easy to work with and I look forward to watching her grow into Bloggerville!

I also am in the process of adding a navigation bar to The Gift Closet blog and I actually have a pretty hefty waiting list. Not too hefty, of course! If you would like to see which blog I'm working on or updates about what I am doing, check out the Twitter bar on the left. Also, please make sure you know what digital kit or colors you want when your turn comes up. I really dislike having to skip people........not too fun for you or me.

Keep telling your friends about Sweet Cheeky Designs. I love making your blog dreams come true. ha-ha-ha

UPDATE: I just hit 10,000 views! WOO-HOO!! Thanks guys! 

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