August 3, 2008


Pricing For Layouts and Side Items

Sassy Design (2 Column Blog)
$30 plus cost of kit and/or permission fee

Cheeky Design (2 Column Blog) Plus signature, post break and side buttons
$40 plus cost of kit and/or permission fee

Sweet Design (2 Column Blog With The Floating Side Column)
$45 plus cost of kit and/or permission fee

$60 plus cost of kit and/or permission fee

Cr3zy Design (3 Column Blog- Perfect for Home or Small Business for Bloggers) Plus navigation menu in header, side buttons, post break, signature, and logo button
$85 plus cost of kit and/or permission fee

Professional and/or Business Blog (Weblog- Looks like a Website) Perfect for showing off products for a Home or Small Business
$125 plus cost of kit and/or permission fee
You may link your dot com page to Google/Blogger with this option

Sometimes you just need a little change. I would love to do any of these side items for you.

Navigation Bar $45
Custom Header $25
Background Change $8
Custom Signature $15
Custom Sidebar Buttons $10 each
Custom Post-Break $15
Picture Change-Out $8
Logo or "Grab Me" Buttons $15 each
Business Logo $45

**A Note From The Designer:
You may fill out a questionnaire if you have specific requests for your blog. If you end up not going with the blog that I have designed for you, there will be a fee for my time spent designing the blog. 
If there are excessive changes that I have to make despite meeting the requests on your questionnaire, there will be a charge of $25 per hour of my time. (This involves changing your mind mid-way through the design process)

Also, please respect the designer's work. I would like for you to leave a link to my blog on your blog so that others can see that Sweet Cheeky Designs designed that awesome blog for you! I would also appreciate the link to stay where I put it and not be submerged in buttons on the side of your blog. Anything that you change on your blog is a reflection on me, so please keep it clean. Thank you!

By the way, I have never had any problems with my awesome customers so far! Thanks guys! You make my job SO much fun!


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