August 20, 2008

Free Blog Giveaway

I've had some interested parties so I am thinking that I WILL do the FREE BLOG MAKEOVER!!! Just leave a comment below and we will have a drawing next Sunday night, August 31 to declare the winner!! Then I will let you know who has won the Fabulous FREE BLOG MAKEOVER!! Friends are definitely welcome to join in! Don't disappoint me- I want to see more than 10 comments!!!
**Be sure that I can contact you if you win!!**

I'm thinking about having a FREE BLOG GIVEAWAY since it's Back To School Time and you definitely need a cool blog to post those cute pictures on. The problem is, none of you stalkers ever leave a comment so I don't know if I would have enough interested in something like that.

SO, if you would LOVE to have a chance to win a FREE BLOG MAKEOVER, leave a comment below and we will see..........

I'm really nice.....I won't bite you if you leave a comment!!! :)


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